2014 OCPI Publications and Collaborations

2014 Publications

W. W. Yuen, J. Tu, W.-C. Tam, and D. J. Blumenthal, “Design and Testing of a Graphite Foam-Based Supercooler for High-Heat-Flux Cooling in Optoelectronic Packages,” Heat Transfer Eng. 35 (10), 913-923 (2014). PDF

M. Belt and D. J. Blumenthal, “Erbium-doped waveguide DBR and DFB laser arrays integrated within an ultra-low-loss S3N4 platform,” Opt. Express 22 (9), 10655-10660 (2014). PDF

S. Srinivasan, R. Moreira, D. J. Blumenthal, and J. E. Bowers, “Design of integrated hybrid silicon waveguide optical gyroscope,” Opt. Express 22 (21), 10655-10660 (2014). PDF