NASA Quantum Pathways Institute: Kickoff Meeting

The first in-person meeting is held by the multi-university research group that will build quantum-based tools for space-based Earth sensing.

February 14, 2024
QPI Logo
QPI Logo

OCPI presents at the NASA Quantum Pathways Institute Kickoff Meeting at UT Austin. This project takes quantum sensing into space for applications to earth sciences- with concurrent advances in quantum sensing, chip-scale quantum photonics, and quantum systems engineering.

  • UC Santa Barbara PI: Daniel J Blumenthal
  • CO-PIs: Srinivas Bettadpur, Seth Bank, Dan Wasserman, Ufuk Topçu, Dana Z Anderson, Murray Holland, Michael M Watkins
  • Collaborating Institutions: UC Santa Barbara; UT (CSR, MRC, and Oden Institute); CU Boulder; Caltech; NIST
  • Funding Source: NASA STMD (Space Technology Mission Directorate)
  • Award: $15M for 5 years
  • Award Date: Begins Nov. 2023