OCPI Dissertations

OCPI Dissertations

By date

2017 – Belt, Michael – Optically Pumped Ultra-Low Loss Waveguide Lasers and Amplifiers PDF

2013 – Garcia, John – Edge Interoperability for High-Performance Optical Core Network Routers PDF

2012 – Williams, Kimani – 1.55 µm InGaAs THz Synchronized Photoconductive Switch Array PDF

2012 – Lively, Erica – Sub-wavelength Metal Gratings for In-plane Lasers and Integrated Optical Elements PDF

2012 – John, Demis – Etchless Core-Definition Process for the Realization of Low Loss Glass Waveguides PDF

2009 – Nicholes, Steven – Large-Scale Photonic Integration for Advanced All-Optical Routing Functions PDF

2009 – Mack, John – Asynchronous Optical Packet Routers PDF

2008 – Koch, Brian – Optical Signal Processing in Photonic Integrated Circuits with Mode Locked Lasers and Optoelectronic Cavities PDF

2007 – Summers, Joseph – Monolithic Multi-Stage Wavelength Converters for Wavelength-Agile Photonic Integration PDF

2006 – Zhao, Wenbin – Ultra Long SOA Based Wavelength Converter for Packet Forwarding PDF

2006 – Rangarajan, Suresh – Hybrid Adaptation Layers for High Performance Optical Packet Switched IP Networks PDF

2006 – Lal, Vikrant – Monolithic Wavelength Converters for High-Speed Packet Switched Optical Networks PDF

2005 – Wang, Wei – Raman Assisted Fiber Wavelength Conversion for High-Speed Optical Processing in Optical Networks PDF

2005 – Sysak, Matthew – Monolithically Integrated Wavelength Converters Using a Dual Quantum Well Integration Platform PDF

2005 – Rajaduray, Ramesh – Unbuffered and Limited-Buffer All-Optical Networks PDF

2005 – Davanco, Marcelo – InP Photonic Integrated Circuits Incorporating Photonic Crystals PDF

2004 – Mashanovitch (Mašanović), Milan – Wavelength-Agile Photonic Integrated Circuits For All-Optical Wavelength Conversion PDF